Barbatus Verdi Leopard wooden comb (inc shipping Can & US)


Verdi Wood Comb
This hand made comb is our medium size comb. The verdi comb was intedned to maintain the medium to smaller beards. 

This exotic wood comb is made with Leopard wood. Leopard wood comes from Central and South America. The wood is a medium to dark reddish brown with grey or light brown rays, which resemble the spots of a leopard. 

Our combs are completely hand made. Each comb is carefully made and then hand sanded to remove all sharp edges and ensure there are no defects in the wood. Thus preventing the wood from cutting or breaking any hair. The Verdi comb measures between 3.5" to 4" wide, approximately 2.25" top to bottom with approximately 1" teeth.
*All combs are hand made. No two combs look alike and will resemble the comb in the picture. Measurements are averages and combs could vary is size.